Sentry Force Security Services, LLC

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  • Corporate Safety Training Seminars:

Block 01


Learn why a lot of the most common places we often go, are also some of the most dangerous. Learn how an assailant thinks, As the saying goes, "know thy enemy". In this Training Block we are going to go over a lot of the major thought patterns of the main types of assailants.

Block 02


How to avoid becoming a victim.

This Training Block helps us to identify risky behaviors we unknowingly partake in, and shows us how we can minimize our exposure to dangerous situations. Learn to identify potential threats to your safety and security and how to avoid being viewed as a target by a would be assailant.

Block 03


What do you do when the unthinkable happens and you are being detained by force, or someone has you cornered and is hitting you?  Learn a quick, effective, set of self defense techniques from guys in the security industry who have dealt with some of the nastiest bad guys on the planet.

We Also offer,

  • In house security advisement and training
  • Overall Risk Assessment
  • CCTV Monitoring
  •  Complete installation and operation of Hard Security Components. This means that we will deal with the contractors to get the gates,  fences, cameras, access badges constructed and implemented into your facility to what ever extent that you desire.

About us:  Sentry Force Security Services only employ the brightest, most able bodied, competent, well-trained individuals in the industry.  Our personnel are experts in their field.  They come from many walks of life, including the Military and have many years worth of private security experience and on many different levels. Our personnel are mandated to go though 10 hours of continuous education and training every 90 days.